Deacon Ministry

Our deacons support and perform duties for the Pastor and serve as his spiritual assistant. They make themselves available to members for prayer and guidance to alleviate the workload of the pastor.

Deacon’s Prayer Line
Every Monday at 7pm. This is only available through telephone.
Please use the following number to call in: 1-701-802-5111 and Access number: 383778#

Deaconess Ministry

Our deaconess provides services to God and to the Pastor. They assist in the preparation of the Lord’s Supper, preparing candidates for Baptism, and assist the Pastor and Deacons during services. They are available during worship to provide assistance as directed by the Pastor.

  • Terry Cosby, President
  • Carolyn Hughes-Hooker
  • Gloria Garrett
  • Judith Parker
  • Bonnie J. Edwards
  • Edith Brown (Emeritus)
  • Carrie Burtin (Emeritus)
  • Louise A. Mormon (Emeritus)
  • Jessie Westmoreland (Emeritus)

Children & Youth Ministry

Our Children and Youth Ministry are endowed with spiritual and biblical training, interactive activities, and fellowship.  children and youth are taught by canaan leadership on how to love the Lord and build a personal relationship with Him.

The Youth are equipped with age approach training and given a place of support and trust driven to assist in preparing them for the young adult’s world through biblical teaching.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6

Children & Youth Ministry

Church School

Our Church School staff strives to prepare the hearts and minds of members with God’s Word. They provide them with biblical understanding of the word. Church School provides the spiritual atmosphere that assist the Pastor in developing a dedicated and faithful life for Christ in each member.

Community Engagement Ministry

Canaan Community Engagement Ministry’s main purpose is identifying, engaging, and addressing the human needs of surrounding neighborhoods and community for purposeful self-improvement.  Canaan Church fulfills its engagement ministry by reaching out to the community, identifying the community needs, and providing homeowners (including renters) with basic and essential resources.  We service residents living in the demographic areas within a two to four mile radius of Canaan Church.  We continuously service individuals living in our community beyond the walls of Canaan Baptist Church.

Community Engagement Ministry

African American History Ministry

Tommie Reed-Green Chairperson and Adeline Hooker Co-Chairperson

Young Adult Ministry

The focus of the Young Adult Ministry is to provide the young adults of the church the tools needed for biblical, spiritual and ethical discipleship.  This will ensure that the young members will become faithful and committed future leaders of Canaan. The ministry also will provide needed resources for the young adults to sustain their christianity in this ever-changing world.
Coordinator: Martine Robinson

Youth Adult Ministry

Christian Education

The process of learning about Jesus Christ, learning about His life, His doctrine, ministries, and His teaching; acquiring ministry whereby people will become aware of God through His self-disclosure, especially of His love as revealed in Jesus Christ. Which will be accomplish through training, conference, workshop and bible teaching.

Christian Education