Pastor's Message

Canaan Baptist Church Pastor's Message


Since the disciples Pentecost encounter, every Christian has been baptized with that self-same spirit to ensure our own high-powered performance as faithful followers of Christ.  You may not feel as though your performance is so high powered but look at what the Comforter has been able to do through you: 

- It’s the Comforter who enables us to live a righteous and faithful life.
- It’s the Comforter who acts as our ‘Paraclete’ or intercessor in perilous times.
- It’s the Comforter who intercedes and gives us the power to endure…
- To endure hardness as a good soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ.  2 Timothy 2:3
- To endure “all things” that you might obtain “eternal glory.”  2 Timothy 2:10

Pastor Jones invites you to join him

Please call in at 11:00am using this number: 1-701-802-5111 and Access number: 383778#.

If you receive a message indicating, they are having technical difficulty please continue to redial the number.  Please, please, please hit *6 to mute your phone when you join the call.  It eliminates the background noise during the virtual church service.  Thank you!

Continue to pray for the Canaan Family and especially our Pastor and First Lady, and thanks to members who have been calling and checking on other members.  Please continue to pray for all the first responders, health care workers, essential workers, and city and state officials for their dedicated service.

Prayer Requests